Sergeant Bluff-Luton offers a planned and systemic early childhood approach that includes children with special needs. Teachers use an early childhood thematic unit approach that includes a variety of activities and materials designed to meet the needs and interests of all children while at the same time adhering to the Quality Preschool Program Standards (QPPS) . Creative Curriculum is the foundation for group activities, play, music, story time, socialization, and field trips which foster interaction between all the children. This developmentally appropriate program is implemented in a positive, nurturing and safe environment where each child is free to explore and learn to his/her greatest potential allowing a successful transition into future learning.


Preschool Teachers

Top Left to Right: Mrs. Roos, Mrs. Varner, Mrs. Roost Bottom Left to Right: Mrs. Andersen, Mrs. Crowl, Mrs. Welding

Teacher Information

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Mrs. Laura Andersen
Mrs. Krista Crowl
Mrs. Gina Roost
Mrs. Dolly Varner
Miss Logan Waite

Classroom Resources

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Parent Information

Consumable fee $22.50* (half day)
Cost 4 year olds are tuition free
3 year olds are $15/session*
Spaces Available 12 students/classroom
Priority will be given in the following order Students with special and/or unique needs
Students who are 4 years old
Students who live within the District
*Subject to change.
**Copies of your child’s birth certificate, physical form, and proof of immunizations are required for school entry. Questions may be directed to the school nurse at 712-943-5564.